Goodnight Japan - Shit Hits the Fan

Goodnight Japan - Shit Hits the Fan

a brooding, bluesy hit in the guts


Forget 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians', just try and keep up with Sydney 3-piece 'Goodnight Japan' who have been steadily producing a stream of scintillating tunes this year. 'Shit Hits the Fan' an existential and reflective effort, is the group's the 3rd single released in 2018 alone.

This song slightly differs musically from their previous singles 'Rush' and 'Television', a little edgier, digging a little deeper under your skin and challenging you to come along for a ride of soul-searching as it steadily builds towards a grand ending in the songs final third. Lead Singer and guitarist Abel Ibanez Galvan successfully paints a gloomy picture as he describes in the second verse:

"Gotta be aware of this dog
Gotta be aware of who you loving
The flies in this place are getting old
Who's gonna fly around you when they're gone
Who's gonna fly around you when they're gone
Who's gonna fly around you when I'm gone"

I'm a fan of his voice. It sort of reminds me of Angus Stone in a way and it sits really well with the bluesy guitar tone and again with a flawless drum track by Joel Van Gastel which comes to a thunderous and impressive close. Keep an eye and ear out for this exciting trio as they have a string of dates on the horizon and no doubt will be heading our way soon.

Words: Bradley Owens